Web design - Island Life

We hand-craft future friendly websites that scale to fit the screen.

Design isn’t just what it looks like. Web design is how it works on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Websites don’t have to look the same on all screens, in fact… we’ll go as far to say as they shouldn’t! The web has a different landscape to print and we embrace it’s fluid nature.

We offer a streamlined design process that can take concept to launch in a dedicated, efficient and timely manner. We’re living on the frontline of responsive web design, standards, user experience, usability testing, content strategy, accessibility and performance.

Flexible solutions

Adapting to the natural ebb and flow of the web requires an agile work environment. Pen and paper sketches let us capture and revise ideas faster than any digital tool. We start designing from the content out which allows for early prototyping in the browser. Combined with the mobile first approach, this streamlines our workflow.

We have experience in website design, user interface design, interaction design, mobile design, mobile apps, web apps and e-commerce.

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